Automation for Business & Access Controls

    An ERP Focused Security Tool Providing Robust & Scalable Automation Solutions for the Enterprise.


    Xendl uses Intelligence and visual representation that allow businesses to better understand their user footprint.


    Customisable dashboards that show usage and behavioural statistics.


    Using Xendl, administrators can create business tasks which can visually represent complex processes. Helping bridge the communication between the technical community and key business stakeholders.

Our Technology

Xendl Software is developed on the foundations of three core disciplines:

  • 1 Automation

    Driving down the human input in building SAP & Oracle ERP application security.

  • 2 Transparency

    Delivering a clear easy-to-understand Security tool enabling use of informed decision making.

  • 3 Compliance

    Presenting the multiple compliance led issues in a way the organisation can understand and become empowered to take measurable actions.


about xendl

Established in the United Kingdom since 2014, an innovative and diligent software company led by an expert team of SAP & Oracle Development, Data & Security industry professionals carrying a wealth of over 30 years cross vertical industry experience.

Our Vision

Based on our core pillars of Automation, Transparency & Compliance - Xendl Software aims to be the leading provider of AI based application automation software thus simplifying the process for organizations to visualize and configure their ERP architectures without human intervention.

Our Technology

With our intuitive AI led platform, Xendl Software is an example of feeding one discrete data source to another without human intervention thus increasing efficiency, reducing cost and limiting the probability of error. Xendl provides capabilities of reducing OPEX and allowing organizations the ability to accurately reflect their business processes within their ERP software. Providing a clear RoI with significant cost reductions and more control over the way the Enterprise operates.

XENDL in Action

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