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Identity, Access Controls and Risk Automation

We make the complex simple.

By harnessing the power of automation, we can improve your processes, remove risk of human error, making your organisation more secure.

About Xendl


When you choose Xendl, you can be confident our SMART software is working hard in the background to protect your organisation from financial misstatement, without the need for human intervention.

Our Vision

By harnessing the agility of a tech start-up, our SMART tools can quickly and easily make your internal processes less vulnerable and more cost effective.

So, you can trust you are in safe hands.

Our Technology

It is Xendl’s unique service that has led to our software being trusted by leading corporate organisations all over the globe.

Our Solutions


Typically, we work with large organisations that require a high – level of financial diligence.

Your organisation may wish to simplify a complex process that is confusing and difficult to execute. You may also have a need to reduce internal headcount or deploy your team in a way that ensures their precious time is better spent, or both.

Your auditors have identified weaknesses within your internal processes that could be damaging. Resolving these will take you away from your core business where you find yourself mitigating risk around access, process and controls.

This is where we come in.

Why Choose Xendl

Above all else, we have made it our mission to save you time and money. Of course, that’s two very important reasons to get in touch. But we understand this is something everyone says (the difference is when we say it, we really mean it) so in case you are still unsure, here’s a few other reasons to choose us:

Why Choose Xendl

We are a small and agile team

Think of us as an agile, tech start-up who work as an extension of your own team.
Xendl is a team of super – experienced tech engineers and programmers (techies) who are here to make your life that little bit easier.

What makes us stand apart, is that although we are small team, the way we operate is more akin to tech start-up. This means we can do what we do, faster and more cost effectively than larger competitors.
Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about Xendl.

Why Choose Xendl

We are problem solvers

Our ready-to-use software is always developed to be intuitive and fast.  This means we can guarantee a solution to your problem with an exceptionally fast turnaround, without spending weeks wasted through time-consuming software builds.

Our vision

Our vision is that all internal processes for large organisations can be worry-free and secure.

Our Technology

Xendl Software is developed on the foundations of three core disciplines:

Xendl In Action

Our Partners

Founded by subject matter experts in the GRC space, Xendl is a boutique organisation specialising in Access and Process Controls, SAP Security, Compliance, Risk Management and Controls.

We are an SAP partner and have been recognised and accredited since 2017

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