About Us

Xendl Software LTD

Xendl, established in 2014 in the United Kingdom, is an innovative and diligent software company led by our Founders, experts in the SAP Security , Access Controls, Identity, Risk and Data spheres. They carry a combined wealth of over 50 years cross-vertical industry experience. At Xendl we are committed to safeguarding your organization’s digital assets and ensuring unparalleled protection against potential threats. With an unwavering focus on providing superior access management, identity governance, and risk mitigation services, Xendl empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance compliance, and bolster overall security posture. ​

Our team of seasoned experts brings together a wealth of experience in the SAP ecosystem, making us your trusted advisors in navigating the complexities of access control and identity management. Through cutting-edge technologies, best-in-class methodologies, and a client-centric approach, we tailor our solutions to suit your unique business requirements, regardless of your industry or company size.​

At Xendl, we believe that robust security should never come at the expense of productivity or user experience. That’s why our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, optimizing workflows and empowering your workforce to focus on what they do best. From comprehensive access assessments to real-time risk monitoring, Xendl is your strategic partner in fortifying your SAP landscape against evolving threats.​

Let us propel your organization towards a more secure, compliant, and efficient future in the world of SAP access, identity, and risk management. Together, we’ll unlock the true potential of your business while keeping your digital assets safe and secure.

We use our knowledge to transform business requirements into technical solutions, helping businesses reduce costs, build sustainable, robust solutions and empowering them by reducing dependencies on technical teams.

We are driven by a desire to be truly innovative in a way not always possible in large established organisations, our agility and flexibility are cornerstones of what makes us special.

We add value to your organisation by:

  • Reducing audit fees by Implementing significant automation and system control improvements
  • Giving you better visibility of risk and an unified view on controls
  • Helping develop your roadmap for AI in the access control space; As we build our AI team, we will work with you to develop your roadmap
  • Better exploiting your existing assets; Xendl will ensure we sweat every asset you have at your disposal

At Xendl our attitude is look as far forward as we possibly can, stretch the limits of what is technologically feasible and what we can realistically deliver to customers and say we are what is next.

Sustainability takes center stage in Xendl’s operational philosophy. With a firm commitment to minimizing environmental impact and fostering ethical practices, Xendl has integrated sustainability principles into every facet of their business. Xendl’s approach to sustainability begins with their technology solutions. By offering SAP access, identity, and risk automation tools, Xendl empowers businesses to streamline their processes, reduce operational inefficiencies, and consequently decrease resource consumption. This directly contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and a more resource-efficient approach to enterprise management.

Beyond their technological offerings, Xendl also places great emphasis on responsible corporate practices. They have implemented comprehensive measures to ensure their own operations align with sustainability goals. From energy-efficient office spaces to reduced paper usage through digital workflows, Xendl exemplifies a commitment to responsible resource utilization. Moreover, Xendl’s dedication to sustainability extends to their partnerships and supply chain relationships. They prioritize collaborating with vendors and partners who share their values and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable practices. By encouraging environmentally-friendly procurement and production processes, Xendl contributes to a broader ecosystem of sustainability in the industry.

Xendl doesn’t just view sustainability as an isolated effort; it’s an integral part of their corporate culture and also a strong sense of ethical responsibility towards the planet. Xendl’s approach to sustainability in the realm of SAP access, identity, and risk automation is both comprehensive and forward-thinking. By leveraging technology to drive efficiency gains, embodying responsible corporate practices, and prioritizing ethical partnerships, Xendl not only delivers superior
solutions but also sets a commendable example of how a tech-driven company can champion sustainability for the benefit of both their clients and the environment.

We ensure:

  • Employee retention
  • recruitment (remote working and setting personal goals in our corporate structure)
  • Impactful local corporate social responsibility
  • Helping our employees reduce GHG emission (through schemes like salary sacrifice on EV cars)
  • We are committed to be Carbon Neutral by 2050 and have a government approved Carbon reduction plan

To help you achieve greater sustainability:

  • No need to dispose of devices or IT assets
  • Low cost solutions where possible
  • Sweating existing assets
  • Recycling tech
  • Ensuring our developments are fit for re-use