SAP Access and Business Control Services

SAP Business controls design

SAP Role design

SAP Business control automation

SAP Security architecture and automation

SAP GRC enhancement and automation

SAP GRC Capabilities and Expertise

Implementation and enhancements of the GRC Access Controls suite.

Implementation of power tools such as GRC Continuous Control Monitoring

Experts in PC Control design and implementation

Can deliver benchmarking of Access risk definition (GRC Ruleset review and

Design and automation of IT general, Business and Access controls

Building customised dashboards to measure improvement / ROI in the access or controls space

Design and build GRC and SAP Security bolt-on apps

Accelerated Role design methodology

GRC Project management

Control Services and Expertise

Control definition, design, and automation

Control automation such as: dual approval, approval workflows and automated report scheduling, helping businesses mitigate operational risk, removing the need for separate teams and reducing OPEX and the likelihood of error.​

Design and implementation of cross-application SoD monitoring through GRC

Xendl has created a methodology to provision access and analyse SoD risk in cloud-based systems such as Ariba and Success Factors without the need for costly 3rd party connectors

Access Control and Identity Capabilities

Design and implementation of IdP solutions such as Azure AD & AD FS

Design and implementation of Azure Logic Apps, Azure AD B2C, Function Apps etc

Design and implementation of SAP authentication techniques such as Single Sign On, SAP principal propagation and use of SAP Cloud IdS