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SAP Access and Business Control services

+ SAP Business controls design

+ SAP Role design

+ SAP Business control automation

+ SAP Security architecture and automation

+ SAP GRC enhancement and automation

Access Control and Identity capabilities

+ Design and implementation of IdP solutions such as Azure AD & AD FS

+ Design and implementation of Azure Logic Apps, Azure AD B2C, Function Apps etc

+ Design and implementation of SAP authentication techniques such as Single Sign On, SAP principal propagation and use of SAP Cloud IdS

Control Services & Expertise

+ Control definition, design, and automation.​

+ Control automation such as: dual approval, approval workflows and automated report scheduling, helping businesses mitigate operational risk, removing the need for separate teams and reducing OPEX and the likelihood of error.​

+ Design and implementation of cross-application SoD monitoring through GRC.

+ Xendl has created a methodology to provision access and analyse SoD risk in cloud-based systems such as Ariba and Success Factors without the need for costly 3rdparty connectors.

SAP GRC Capabilities & Expertise

+ Implementation and enhancements of the GRC Access Controls suite.​

+ Implementation of power tools such as GRC Continuous Control Monitoring.​

+ Experts in PC Control design and implementation.​

+ Can deliver benchmarking of Access risk definition (GRC Ruleset review and implementation).​

+ Design and automation of IT general, Business and Access controls.​

+ Building customised dashboards to measure improvement / ROI in the access or controls space.​

+ Design and build GRC and SAP Security bolt-on apps.​

+ Accelerated Role design methodology.

+ GRC Project management.​