Clients and Industries


Xendl has delivered projects across the retail, medical manufacturing, energy, agricultural and luxury goods industries.


Xendl is a prominent player in the realm of SAP access, identity, risk automation and integration services, catering to a wide range of industries including Retail, Medical Manufacturing, Energy, Agricultural, and Luxury Goods.

With a track record of excellence, Xendl has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to streamline their business processes, enhance efficiency in Governance, Risk and compliance, and optimize operations using SAP technology.

Industries Served

Xendl brings innovative solutions to retailers seeking to modernize their operations. By harnessing SAP’s capabilities, the company helps clients improve inventory management, optimize supply chains, enhance customer experience, and make informed decisions using data-driven insights.

In the realm of medical manufacturing, precision and compliance are
paramount. Xendl assists companies in this sector in implementing SAP solutions that facilitate quality control, regulatory compliance, supply chain optimization, and seamless collaboration across the product lifecycle.

Energy companies face complex challenges including fluctuating market dynamics and sustainability concerns. Xendl’s expertise in SAP empowers energy organizations to manage their resources efficiently, enhance project management, ensure regulatory adherence, and incorporate renewable energy initiatives seamlessly.

The agricultural industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and Xendl plays a pivotal role in this evolution. By implementing SAP solutions tailored to the unique requirements of agriculture, the company aids in optimizing crop management, supply chain visibility, and sustainability practices.

The luxury goods sector demands sophistication and personalisation. Xendl
collaborates with luxury brands to leverage SAP technology for improved supply chain, transparency, inventory management, and real-time analytics.

Key Offerings

Xendl seasoned consultants work closely with clients to design, implement,
and customize SAP solutions to meet their specific business needs.

The company ensures seamless integration of SAP systems with existing
infrastructures, enabling efficient data flow and process synchronization.

Xendl Software provides strategic guidance, helping clients identify the
most suitable SAP modules and functionalities for their unique business goals.

The company offers tailor-made SAP solutions through custom development, addressing industry-specific challenges and enhancing system functionality.

Xendl Software offers comprehensive In-House training and ongoing support
to empower clients to make the most of their SAP systems.